Sungei Bantang
Takah Lantai Papah 1
Takah Lantai Papah 1, hidden in a small river in the primary forest(21 Sep 2003)
Location Johor, Malaysia
Waterfalls Takah Lantai Papah 1, Takah Sarang Keje 1,Takah Lantai Papah 2, Takah Salur Kris, Takah Sarang Keje 2
Terrain Forest trail
Recommended duration 2 days, 1 night
Ease of access Cab or private vehicle
Special equipment None
Good Nice campsite.
Not so good Leeches

Sungei Bantang is a river located near the town of Bekok which is also the nearest town to the Selai entry point of Endau Rompin. There are several facilities at Sungei Bantang Forest Park including a car park, pavements, toilet and roadside stalls. There are no waterfalls around the park area except for rapids at certain location. Admission is free and during the weekends, many locals will flock to this stream to enjoy the river flow. Further up the river, there is a campsite which is the base camp for the trek to 7 other waterfalls around the area. However, beyond the Sungei Bantang Forest Park, a guide is compulsory and it cost Rm 50 per day [1].

Sheltered accommodation at the campsite(21 Sep 2003)

The base camp is owned by Adni, who is the owner of Ratu Flora Enterprise in Bekok town. Most of the waterfalls are rather small and the biggest is Puteri waterfall which is more than 3 hrs trek from the campsite. Close to the campsite, there is one waterfall about 3 m high and the river that runs beside the campsite has a very small waterfall (not one of the 7), about 2m high, where you can jump from the side into the pool below or sit in the waterfall and slide down it. The campsite consists of two sheltered sleeping platforms where up to 20 persons can sleep in it. There is also a sheltered cooking and eating area. All the facilities are made of tree trunks lashed together to preserve the natural setting.

Takah Lantai Papah 2
Takah Lantai Papah 2, a slightly bigger waterfall is found behind this waterfall (21 Sep 2003).

The trek consist a mixture of river and jungle treks. You may leave your camping items at the campsite and bring along a daypack for the waterfall treks. For a typical two days one night trip to Sungei Bantang, you will only be able to visit 5 of the 7 waterfalls. Of these, the biggest waterfall, Takah Sarang Keje 2, is about 6 m high and has a large pool at the bottom. However, visitors are advised against swimming in that pool due to superstition. A group of Singaporean who insisted on swimming in it had a photo of them in the pool with a flying candle at the corner of that photo. This photo is on display in front of the ranger's office as a warning against swimming in it.

Sungei Bantang does not contain any large waterfalls and the largest in the area is too far to reach for a two-day one-night trek. However, as the town is easily accessible by train, this is still a nice getaway for anyone who wants to play in a remote pool by the campsite.

Takah Salur Kris
Takah Salur Kris(21 Sep 2003)
Takah Sarang Keje 1
Takah Sarang Keje 1, located near the campsite(21 Sep 2003)
Takah Sarang Keje 2
Takah Sarang Keje 2, the pool looks inviting but swimming is not allowed due to "spiritual" reasons. (21 Sep 2003)

To Nearest Town
Take train to Bekok or Labis. You may check out the train services, prices and dates on Malaysia Railway

To Sungei Bantang Forest Park
Via private transport arrangement:
Contact [Ref 1.] : Adni (Ratu Flora Enterprise)
Tel : 07-9221466
Hp : 019-7320262
Cost : Rm 20 per vehicle (one way)
Duration : 10 mins
Remarks : English speaking


Contact [Ref 1.] : Lian Kian Hock
Hp : 9221788
Cost : Rm 20 per vehicle (one way)
Duration : 10 mins
Remarks : English speaking

Duration (mins) Description Remarks
00 Rangers office  
45 Campsite, first Takah Sarang Keje waterfall (height: approx 3m) Crossed 3 streams excluding the ones at the park.
10 First Takah Lantai Papah waterfall (height: approx 6m)  
15 Takah Salur Kris waterfall (height: approx 3m) You can do a confidence jump here
10 Second Takah Sarang Keje waterfall (height: approx 6m) Not allowed to swim in the pool below.
10 Second Takah Lantai Papah waterfall (height: approx 2m) There is a slightly bigger waterfall behind but it is not accessible.
10 Campsite  
Courtesy of The Mountain Trekker [Ref 1.]

Guide [Ref 1.]
Fee : Rm 50 per day
Max. number of visitor per guide : 10
Remarks : You can ask for Tan Hock, one of four guides working under Adni. However, he can speak Malay and Hokkien only.
No practice of tipping.

Contact person: Adni

No, 2, Gerai MDSS
Jalan Gunung
86500 Bekok, Johor D.T.

Pusat Rekriasi Air Terjun
Sungai Bantang
86500 Bekok, Johor D.T.

Tel: 07-9221466
H/P: 019-7320262

  1. Outdoors Sandals
  2. Light weight clothes
  3. Groundsheet
  4. Gas stove and canister
  5. Lamp/torch
  6. Pots for cooking/ Mess Tin
  7. Small Shovel
  8. Nylon string
  9. Water Purification Tablets
  10. First Aid Kit
  11. Toiletries
  12. Toilet Paper
  13. Extra clothing
  14. Kitchen utensils (Fork, Spoon)
  15. Rain gear
  16. Sleeping bag
  17. Cap/Hat
  18. Windbreaker/Jacket
  19. Lighter
  20. Swiss Knife
  21. Insect repellent
  22. Water container

See map with contour lines here

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