Jerangkang waterfalls
Jerangkang waterfall
Main waterfall of Sungei Jerangkang
Location Pahang, Malaysia
Terrain Mixed forest trail, rock obstacles. River trek.
Recommended duration 2 days, 1 night
Ease of access 4-wheel drive to the park entrance or walk 15 km from main road to park entrance
Special equipment None
Good Unobstructed view of main waterfall. Nice campsite beside the river. Clean.
Not so good Monotonous 15 km trek.

Clean, peaceful and away from the crowd, Sungei Jerangkang is just a few hundred meters away from the much more crowded Sungei Berkelah and it harbor its own impressive main waterfall. Although both waterfalls are of comparable height, their profiles are very different. While water of Berkelah waterfall has a smooth unbroken ride down, the Jerangkang waterfall consists of several cascades.

To get to Jerangkang waterfall from the main road, it is recommended to charter a vehicle to bring you to campsite 1. The distance from the main road to the campsite is about 15 km and consists mainly of dirt tracks which will takes about 3 h to cover on foot. As the road is very uneven and there is a small stream which the vehicle need to cross over just before reaching campsite 1. Thus a 4 wheel drive or a lorry is needed for this journey.

Jerangkang waterfall
Small waterfall beside campsite 2.

There are two campsites to choose. The main campsite which is campsite 1 is big and there are some stone tables and benches for hikers to use. Basic facilities such as shelters for cooking and dining, and toilets have been built at campsite 1. The river is just beside thus water is easily assessable although there is no large pool to swim in. The other campsite is about 5 minutes' walk towards the main waterfall. This is smaller and sheltered by the trees and can accommodate about 4 to 5 tents. Although there is no facility here, there is a small waterfall near it and just under the waterfall is a large pool for swimming. Water can be collected from the side of the waterfall.

The trek from campsite 1 to the main waterfall is about an hour. There are two ways to get to the main waterfall, the waterway and the land route. Both routes are quite easy and will join together at about two-third of the journey to the main waterfall. It is impossible to keep your feet dry for the trek from the campsite to the main waterfall, as either for ways, there is a river crossing to be made. There are several smaller waterfalls that can be seen along the way to the main fall too.

Jerangkang waterfall is ideal for anyone who ones to go on a weekend trip to a beautiful waterfall and is willing to pay for the transport to the main campsite. At the smaller campsite, you can enjoy a cool dip or just sit beside the small waterfall. Even at the main waterfall, you can also swim in the pool that is formed at the bottom of the "last" cascade. The trek is simple enough for beginners although one has to be very careful when scaling up the main waterfall.

To Nearest Town
Take a bus to Kuantan Express bus terminal. You may check out the available bus services, prices and dates on

To Berkelah Restoran
Via local bus:
From the express (inter-town) bus station, make a trip to the local bus station. See Google Map.
Take a bus that goes to Maran. Inform the conductor or driver to drop you at the Berkelah Restoran.
Bus company: Sri Jengka (Kuantan to Maran)
Duration: 45 min
Remarks: Buy tickets on the bus
[Ref: 1]

Via taxi:
Cost: Approx. Rm 30 to Rm 40 per taxi [ref. 1]

To Jerangkang Campsite 1
Via private transport:

Contact 1 (as of August 2006) [ref. 1]
Contact person : Mr Hata or Mr Haji Taha
Handphone number : +60-19-942-8294 (Mr Hata)
Home number : +60-16-094-789-202
Cost : Rm 15 per person per way
Remarks : 4 wheel drive

Contact 2 (as of June 2009) [ref. 2]
Contact person : Mr Abu
Contact number : +6-013-9344030
Duration : 40 min
Cost : Rm 25 per person (two ways)
Remarks : Lorry

Duration (mins) Description Instructions Remarks
00 Berkelah Restoran Cross road and go west along main road(turn left facing the road)  
10 Sign Board "Pejabat Risda sub-stensen Paya Bungor, Kuantan, Pahang Daru Makmur" Turn right Tar road; Malay village followed by a rubber plantation
15 Y-Junction [ In front of hut ] Turn left The main road is not obvious
02 X-Junction Go straight  
10 X-Junction Go straight  
20 Y-Junction Turn right (descending) Main road is not obvious
02 X-Junction Go straight End of rubber plantation in front; Road is muddy from here onwards
50 Small stream Cross Water is ankle level
12 Stream Cross Water is knee level at some point
40 Y-Junction Turn right  
01 Stream Cross Water above ankle level
10 Campsite 1 To main waterfall; Keep to the right side of the road Beside stream; Some wooden tables present; Accommodate 6 to 8 tents
05 Campsite 2 Path to main waterfall is on the right edge of the river. Near small waterfall;Sheltered by trees; Accommodate 4 to 5 tents
02 Y-Junction Turn left  
01 Y-Junction Turn right  
10 Inverted Y-Junction Go straight  
10 Mid-size waterfall Cross the river; Go up trail and walk up, along log  
20 Main waterfall    
December 2000. Courtesy of The Mountain Trekker1

Useful Timings (December 2000. Courtesy of The Mountain Trekker1)
Campsite 2 to main waterfall : approx. 45 minutes

Day 1:
Meet driver at Berkelah Restoran at 9 am and proceed to campsite 1.
Set up tent at campsite 1.
Trek to main waterfall but bring along valuables
Return to campsite 1 for rest and dinner

Day 2:
Have breakfast and break camp. Depart campsite by 9 am
Reach main road and take bus to Kuantan for lunch.

  1. Outdoors Sandals
  2. Light weight clothes
  3. Tent
  4. Groundsheet
  5. Gas stove and canister
  6. Lamp/torch
  7. Pots for cooking/ Mess Tin
  8. Small Shovel
  9. Nylon string
  10. Water Purification Tablets
  11. First Aid Kit
  12. Toiletries
  13. Toilet Paper
  14. Extra clothing
  15. Kitchen utensils (Fork, Spoon)
  16. Rain gear
  17. Sleeping bag
  18. Cap/Hat
  19. Windbreaker/Jacket
  20. Lighter
  21. Swiss Knife
  22. Insect repellent
  23. Water container

See map with contour lines here

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