Gunung Muntahak
Summit of Gunung Muntahak
Summit of Gunung Muntahak (06 September 2004)
Location Kota Tinggi, Malaysia
Height 634 m
Terrain Forest trail
Recommended duration Day hike
Ease of access Starting point of trek can be reached using public transport
Special equipment None
Good Relatively unexplored.
Not so good No view at the summit

Blog post, from The MtTrekker
September 2004

Hidden behind the popular Kota Tinggi waterfall lays its source, Gunung Muntahak. This 634 m hill is relatively undisturbed beyond the mining area with primary rainforest covering the base to its summit. From the main road leading to Kota Tinggi waterfall, it is not possible to see this hill as it is well hidden by other smaller hills. The dim interior and rich humus cover provides an ideal condition for the growth of a rare and beautiful palm, Johannesteijsmannia altifrons (Common name: Joey palm, diamond joey). This plant has leaves that can easily stretch over a storey high for matured specimens.

Tin mining road which leads to Gunung Muntahak(01 Sep 2004)

The initial part of the trek is interesting as it passes through an old tin mining land. Orchids and pitcher plants grow in abundance in this nutrient poor ground. Although the water bodies in the land was the result of rain water collected in the mine, the last and the largest one before entering the forest is beautiful with an aura of peaceful tranquility. Far from being devoid of life, the pond contains many fishes and frogs. The flat land beside the pond makes this place suitable as a campsite although it is not advisable to use the water in the pond for drinking as it is stagnant. Standing at the edge of the pond, a loud shout will return a clear echo.

The trail to the summit is mostly gentle under a thick canopy. As not many people have visited this hill, the trail is narrow and there are many places where fallen trees and vegetations are obstructing the path. Closer to the summit, the gradient becomes steeper. Fallen leaves that littered the ground made the ascent more difficult and tiring. A small round grass patch marks the summit with thick tall vegetation blocking the view which probably explains why few people coming here.

It is unclear whether the trail is still accessible as there are rumours that the mining area has been closed to public access.

To Nearest Town
Take a bus to Kota Tinggi bus terminal. You may check out the available bus services, prices and dates on

To Wet World Resort (Sungei Pelepah)
Via local bus:
Take a bus that goes to Kota Tinggi Waterfall (Wet word resort) (September 2003)
Check at the bus station which is the bus going to Kota Tinggi Waterfall (Wet world resort)
Cost: Rm 2
Duration: 30 to 45 minutes
Bus ticket is bought on the bus
Bus stop at the carpark in front of Wet World resort
There is no bus shelter
The bus makes a U-turn in the carpark of the Wet World resort before heading back to town.
[Ref: 2]

Via taxi (Sep 2004)1:
Cost: Approx. Rm 10 to 12 per taxi
Duration: 20 min

Via private van/mini-bus (Sep 2004)1:
Cost: Approx. Rm 3 per person
Duration: 20 min

WARNING. Information may be obsolete.
Duration (mins) Description Instructions Remarks
00 Wet world resort entrance Keep to the right along the stream. Look for a trail that goes into the old mining ground on the right.  
38 Large pond on the right with a concrete hut ahead The trail is behind the hut on the right side. Bash through thick fern undergrowth for 10m before going into the forest. See picture below
15 T-junction Go straight  
05 T-junction Turn left and go up to the ridgeline.  
120 Summit   Last half an hour is steep as the ridgeline merged into a hillside.
Summit is a small patch of low ferns and grasses surrounded by thick vegetations more 2m high.
September 2004. Courtesy of The Mountain Trekker3

Useful Timings
Starting point to summit : approx. 3 hours

Large pond just before entering the forest(01 Sep 2004)

Bashing through the ferns to get into the forest(01 Sep 2004)

  1. Light weight clothes
  2. Lamp/torch
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Extra clothing
  5. Rain gear
  6. Swiss Knife
  7. Insect repellent
  8. Water for the trek

See map with contour lines here

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