Chiling Waterfalls
Main Berkelah waterfall, 07 July 2001
Main waterfall of Sungei Chiling
Location Selangor, Malaysia
Terrain Mixed forest trail, river crossing.
Recommended duration 0.5 day
Ease of access Car to entrance of park
Special equipment None
Good Unobstructed view of main waterfall. Nice pool to swim in. Very accessible.
Not so good Some litters. Crowded on weekends.

Pack your lunch and have a break at the base of the main waterfall. Chiling waterfalls is located about 21 kilometers from Kuala Kubu Bahru on the road to Mount Frasers. The river is quite shallow and it runs through a secondary forest. Away from the plunge pool, the river water level seldom rises above the waist level. The trek to the main waterfall is about an hour on small forest trails with several river crossings. There are three waterfalls along the river but only the plunge pool of the first and third waterfall is accessible. The area is still pristine and the river is clean and fishes can be seen swimming in the clear water.

fauna and floa of Chiling waterfalls trek
Flora and fauna of Chiling waterfall (20 March 2010).

Easy access to the starting point of the trek makes this place an ideal weekend getaway. The dirt path to the park is clearly marked with a big signboard beside the main road. From there, it is a 5 minutes' walk to the Ranger's Office where you are required to register and make payment for the entrance fee (Rm 1 as of 2010). There is only one campsite with toilet facilities at the Ranger's office for those who wish to spend a couple of days at the river side. The start of the forest trail is right after the bridge over the river at the Ranger's office. The trail is obvious and there are signboards marking the river crossing site. The route to the main waterfall is relatively gentle and there are no steep slopes to navigate unless you want to visit the other waterfalls further up the river. At the main waterfall, the plunge pool is deep enough for swimming and large rocks at the river bank for resting and taking break. There are two other large waterfalls further upriver and it requires trekking up a relatively steep slope on a jungle trail right before the last river crossing. The trail goes up high on a steep slope to the right of a second waterfall before reaching the top which marks the end of the steep ascent. The third waterfall can be seen at a short distance away. The trek to that waterfall is mainly along the river as there is no obvious trail at the banks. This waterfall has a smaller plunge pool compared to the first waterfall but it is quieter and much less crowded. Due to its ease of access, Chiling waterfalls is also very popular to the locals and can get quite crowded on weekend especially at the first waterfall.

Chiling waterfalls is an excellent trek with a mixture of terrain for a taste of river trek that is not that strenuous and can easily be covered within a day. It is near enough to town for you to grab a pack lunch to eat at the waterfall and have a swim in the plunge pool. After the lunch break, remember to pack your rubbish out of the park to keep it clean for others to enjoy.

Take the road from Kuala Kubu Baru towards Frasers Hill. The drive is about 15 minutes from Kuala Kubu Baru and your car may be parked by the road side or a small clearing after the entrance.
Car park space at the entrance of Sungei Chiling park
(Left)Entrance by the roadside (Right)Small clearing after the entrance for car parking.
Bridge just before entrance of Sungei Chiling park
View of the bridge from the entrance. Note that you will cross this bridge from the opposite side if you are coming from Kuala Kubu Bahru

Duration (mins) Description Instructions Remarks
00 Road to the park entrance beside the main road (See picture 1) Take the road to the Ranger's office  
There is a map of the trail at the Ranger's office. However, it is not accurate as the path now follows the river bank for most of the way. Nevertheless, the river crossing sites remains the same and there is signboard indicating the river crossing site (See picture 1)
05 Rangers office (See picture 2) Cross the bridge (River crossing 1) Register at the Ranger's office (Rm 1 per person)
03 +-junction (See picture 3) Turn left There may be water on the trail
15 A Y-junction Both road converge to the same point  
10 River(See picture 4) Cross river River crossing 2
05 River Cross river River crossing 3
01 River Cross river River crossing 4
04 River Cross river River crossing 5
05 River (See picture 5) Cross river River crossing 6
05 Main waterfall    
To 2nd and 3rd waterfall, go back to River crossing 6
05 River Cross river to the returning route  
05 Trail going up a steep slope on the left of the returning trail (See picture 6) Go up steep slope  
10 2nd waterfall on the left (See picture 7)   Not accessible
05 3rd waterfall (See picture 8)    
March 2010. Courtesy of The Mountain Trekker1

Pictorial Illustration
Picture 1: Signboard showing river crossing site (23 March 2010) Picture 2: Ranger's office. The trail starts from after the bridge (23 March 2010)
Picture 3: Cross junction. Turn left. (23 March 2010) Picture 4: Second river crossing. The first one was over the bridge at the park entrance (23 March 2010)
Picture 5: Last river crossing before reaching the main waterfall (23 March 2010) Picture 6: From the main waterfall back to the last river crossing site, the path to the other waterfalls can be seen on the left side (23 March 2010)
Picture 7: Second waterfall as seen from the path along the cliff edge(23 March 2010) Picture 8: 3rd waterfall which is less visited (23 March 2010)

Useful Timings (March 2010. Courtesy of The Mountain Trekker1)
From Ranger's office to main waterfall - 53 min
From main waterfall to 3rd waterfall - 25 min

Day trek:
Start the trek at about 9 am
Have lunch at waterfall
Return to town

  1. Outdoors Sandals
  2. Light weight clothes
  3. Groundsheet
  4. Lamp/torch
  5. First Aid Kit
  6. Toilet Paper
  7. Extra clothing
  8. Rain gear
  9. Cap/Hat
  10. Swiss Knife
  11. Insect repellent
  12. Water container

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